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The True Meaning of “Shop Local”

Whether you live, work and/or play in Putnam County, you are in one of the most beautiful and unique counties in New York State!   As all business owners know there are many facets to marketing and attracting customers.   As a small county it is often counterproductive to confine ourselves to just one side of the county or our community when making out the shopping list.  It broadens the scope when you have the whole county to shop from and market to.   Consider these examples – it is so much fun to take visitors for a stroll through the shops in Cold Spring after a visit at the Monastery.  Also worth considering, go for tea at Florrie Kaye’s Tea Room and stop by Katherine’s Gift Shop to see what new items from local artist have arrived.   Or enjoy a pleasant detour to Niese’s Maple Farm for local honey and syrup.

We as residents of this County need to remember that we are not 7 isolated communities. Government and other organizations understand this.  We see service vehicles crossing all over the county.  After eight very slow economic years, why would business owners even think of starting an isolationist policy (as opposed to working together building strong countywide bonds)?   I think it is great to see a farm stand in Kent was selling honey from Putnam Valley.  It’s sad to hear someone say, “I will not use them for service or eat there because they are from the other side of the county.”  We really don’t have the luxury to be so territorial in this day and age.

The country is celebrating Small Business Saturday.  Why don’t we business owners make a promise to each other to take a minute to explore what the other communities in our county have to offer?   Remember, “shop local” means shop PUTNAM COUNTY!

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, 
“A business advocacy group”

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