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The Regional Approach Works Best In Managing Complex Issues

“Think Local” is usually the best approach, but some issues transcend our borders, affecting our region and even our state. The proposed temporary shutdown at Indian Point is one of those issues.

Power generation and delivery is at a premium in New York State. Increased demand for electricity has put tremendous pressures on the grid while we are trying to rebuild our economy and also as alternative energy becomes more prevalent with the decreased emphasis on fossil fuels. We need a strong, reliable and local source of electrical power to supply our needs. Despite the challenges posed by reliance on nuclear power, the Indian Point facility has been supplying our energy needs since the 1950s and is applying for a permit to continue to do so well into the future. Currently 25% of the region’s power is supplied by the plant. Yet a proposal being considered by the DEC would close the facility for as much as 42-92 days to coincide with the patterns of migrating fish in the Hudson River.

This idea has very severe negative economic consequences for not only Putnam County but the region. Therefore we must respond as a region. Putnam County Executive Maryellen Odell has stated, “Economically, closing the units for 42 to 92 days each year could easily prohibit businesses from locating in the area, a point which most counties in the Hudson Valley would find alarming”. Rockland Business Association President Al Samuels lamented that with the increased uncertainty and cost associated with electricity generation, “Why would you want to spend millions of dollars to move [a business] to New York?”

Your Putnam County Chambers of Commerce and its President/CEO Bill Nulk will be working alongside our partners in the Hudson Valley to oppose any such closing of Indian Point unless and until a reasonable solution to our electricity needs is found – one that we as a region can mutually accept.

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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