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The Putnam County Business Community’s Legislative Agenda – Setting Priorities

Each year, many countywide chambers of Commerce and business councils develop a legislative priority booklet, with input from their business members, to help establish priorities for upcoming sessions in Albany and Washington as well as local governments. To be an effective advocate, chambers of commerce need to interact with elected officials at all levels, and gain member input as to the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in the course of daily operations. It is time that Putnam County had such a resource, and the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce is planning to put out its first-ever Legislative Priority Booklet in early 2015.

As an example, our neighbors in Westchester have a 24 page document that highlights the issues of importance to their members, listing the reasons why certain positions are being taken and how a particular stance will positively affect the business community if enacted. Their Business Council reviews areas such as health care, energy policy, education, transportation, workforce, regulatory issues, and general economic development concerns, as well as taking positions on general best practices that a smoothly running state or local government should adopt, such as fiscal reforms by the New York State Legislature.

We plan to do the same for 2015, and businesses throughout the county are urged to share their thoughts with us. A committee is forming which will prepare the Chambers’ agenda and develop the priority document, which will then be made available to everyone and shared with public officials. Our aim in this process is to create a document which best illustrates the most significant issues affecting our business community today, and help provide a pathway to their resolution. To get involved with this project, please contact me

Be informed and participate. Your vote counts. Exercise your right and Vote on Tuesday, November 4th!

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