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The Metro-North Commuter Railroad – a Business Opportunity?

Small businesses often find opportunities as vendors for government, public-private or private corporations, helping them to perform much needed services or provide unique products for their needs. The MTA Metro-North Commuter Railroad is seeking potential vendors who may benefit from contracting opportunities, and held a special event this past Wednesday, October 14 to give area businesses a chance to find out more about doing business with the Railroad.

The event took place in Beacon at the Center for Environmental Innovation & Education (CIEF), and focused on the following areas of opportunity: Safety, Janitorial, Grease/Oil/Lubricants, Chemicals/Glazing/Paints, Electrical Supplies, Batteries, Cables, Track Parts and Equipment, Miscellaneous Metals, Pre-cast Concrete, Building Material, Signage, Construction Opportunities, Station Improvements, Drainage Improvements, Fire Suppression, and System Replacement.

These are tremendous business opportunities. Small businesses should look for these types of events to connect with larger companies and provide products or services. Also, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce can be of help if your business needs to find a partner. If your business is seeking to expand, contact PCC President/CEO Bill Nulk to discuss options for your business and alert chamber staff and board members as to what your needs are. This gives us an opportunity to seek out potential networking partners and even attract new business to the area.

Another business growth possibility is through the work done by the Regional Economic Development Councils. As state funds become available for local projects, this will present some possibilities for local businesses to gain contracting work. It is wise to observe the activities of the Regional EDCs and see where your business might benefit. Again, being connected through the Chambers or other business organizations helps a business plug into the ongoing economic work.

These days, many efforts are taking place to build business in New York State. The plugged in, well connected business will benefit greatly!

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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