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Setting the 2016 Legislative Agenda

The Business Council of New York State has set another aggressive agenda this year, calling for various legislative reforms in Albany and for infrastructure, education and workforce development investment to bring our state’s economy forward. The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce is setting a legislative priority plan that additionally focuses on our local and county-wide concerns.

To help build our economic future, Putnam County, in a county-wide partnership with its 6 towns and 3 villages, applied through the Governor’s Consolidated Funding Application process to prepare a feasibility study. This study would involve collaborative problem solving to offer solutions for the infrastructure development we need to make Putnam a viable place for businesses to become established or expand – especially emphasizing tourism and arts-and-culture. We requested funding for a $250,000 study; however the State Award came back as $50,000. Putnam County Planner Barbara Barosa and a team of knowledgeable people will now be working with these funds to put together the basis for future applications for projects that will, hopefully, be funded in the next round of the CFA process. The Mid-Hudson Region did not win one of the Upstate Revitalization Initiative awards, but did receive over $90 million for 2015’s project applications. Putnam received $475,500 and shared in a couple of regional program awards.

We now look forward to pulling together this county-wide feasibility plan. With new people in the leadership roles in our County Legislature and new Supervisors in Patterson and Putnam Valley as well as some new faces on Town Boards, we can look forward to continuing our positive relations with our elected officials. We will be holding our annual Elected Officials Forum on March 13th. Each year these collaborative get-togethers have resulted in building better communication among our leaders at the local, county, state and federal level. The Putnam County Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with our elected officials to promote business-friendly, community-conscious development so we can all enjoy and prosper in this 21st Century.

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce

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