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Pushing Putnam’s Economic Agenda Forward

Putnam County’s upcoming PCCC- EDC breakfast (Tuesday, May 5, 8-10AM at Putnam County Golf Course) will highlight opportunities and evaluate progress made towards stated goals. With the President position still unfilled after Meghan Taylor’s departure, there is some uncertainty as to where to go next, but also the realization of a chance to make our premier economic development organization all that it can be in directing the future of our business building efforts.

EDC- type organizations all across New York have been under scrutiny as to their effectiveness and various solutions have been implemented ranging from government takeover to realignment with other organizations or public-private partnerships. At the same time, the competitive nature of the economic development process means that potential opportunities are coming at us and need to be cultivated. So we must look at these issues, but look at them quickly, because the next round of the statewide CFA process is upon us.

Now is the time to be prepared for the 2015 Consolidated Funding Application process which will be announced shortly. This process has become the primary route for New York State funding under the Cuomo Administration and the Mid-Hudson Region is competing in the top-tier for the largest piece of the pie. Municipalities and businesses, working together in private-public partnerships, are given greater consideration when plans for job-creating, tourism-boosting projects are presented. Infrastructure and revitalization programs as well as innovative development and expansion projects have received substantial funding over the last three years, but the presentation must be well thought out and align with the parameters specified in the annual awards announcement. We have a good general idea of what this year’s goals will be as defined by New York State leaders, and will undoubtedly get a better handle on them – if not the official announcement- during former EDC President Meghan Taylor’s appearance at the May 5th breakfast.

-Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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