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Preserving And Promoting Putnam County’s Small Business Background

Putnam’s small businesses, aside from being the backbone of our economy, provide the amenities, services and jobs that make our local community the place that two thirds of our well- educated and talented workforce are happy to come home to each night.

While we certainly hope that our county is able to attract a “big” business to the area, we must realize and respect the fact that creative and dedicated “small business” people are what make our local economy run. They also pay taxes, generate sales taxes that help support all of us, and are the ones who support our local social, recreational and charitable programs.

A stroll through the Villages of Brewster or Cold Spring, the hamlets of Carmel or Mahopac or a stop at one of our many restaurants or public spaces is an opportunity to experience the unique life “rhythm” of Putnam County. We are fortunate to be in such close proximity to the metropolis of New York City yet live in view of such pristine countryside and quaint downtowns. We should cherish that uniqueness and continue to promote it in any way possible.

At the same time, it would do us well to highlight those businesses and organizations which have distinguished themselves in making our communities what they are today. That is what chambers of commerce are all about – giving businesses a chance to be recognized and to keep them on a course of economic prosperity.

-Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce

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