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Meet And Greet With The Candidates – Why Participation Matters

The Putnam County Chambers of Commerce is pleased to announce its latest opportunity to spend time with political candidates vying for local offices in November. The Meet & Greet will be Tuesday, August 25 from 5:30-9:00PM at the Putnam County Golf Course, 187 Hill St, Mahopac. Each candidate is allowed a three minute period to present themselves in a positive, non-confrontational manner to our audience of the business community and the press. The Putnam County League of Women Voters will be moderating and monitoring deportment. This is not meant to be a debate atmosphere but rather an opportunity to interact with the individuals who are vying for leadership positions in our community.

Joint efforts between the Chambers and our elected officials have enjoyed many successes such as improved infrastructure in the towns, transformed public transportation and partnering with tourism. The business community, through the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce, has participated in our local, County and regional efforts to improve the economic well-being of our neighbors and we will continue to build on our cooperative interaction. Our participation in the planning and implementation of zoning and infrastructure initiatives and the promotion of our commercial districts and the businesses that are the back bone of Putnam’s economy and character are important parts of our mission.

We look forward to continuing this positive and productive relationship between our government leaders and Putnam’s business community. There are several uncontested races, and while that may indicate the incumbent is doing a good job, as citizens we should be diligent to know what plans they have for their term in office and also we should be passing our thoughts along to them. Remember, voting is more than just a right, it is a statement that you are paying attention to the people and the process that affect your health, wealth and happiness.

– Jennifer Maher,
Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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