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Leveraging Economic Rewards On Our Bike Paths

The many miles of converted “rail trails” which traverse our county provide a great way to enjoy nature, get our exercise and spend quality time with family and friends.   However, we would do well to also remember that those trails were once commerce corridors that brought passengers into our towns to conduct business.   Without that method of transportation, it can be argued that we have been missing out on a lot of economic opportunity.  Besides, the trails need to be maintained and that costs money.   So how can we enjoy the amenities of our rail trails in a sustainable manner so that they remain well-groomed and available to our citizens for generations to come?


A company called Bikepath Country has a plan.  Called “Socially Responsible Sponsorships” (SRS), Bikepath Country finds marketing opportunities to help pay for signage along the trails, alert cyclists, hikers and other users to nearby attractions, food and supplies, and raise revenue for neighboring municipalities.  Through Bikepath Country’s engagement in the community, local business becomes a partner in putting together the message that will be shared and the means in which to share it.   Even the signs themselves are socially responsible, made of recycled, and pressed cardboard and very durable. I think perhaps people are envisioning the adopt a highway signs and the answer is NO.  The Adopt a Highway signs are a blight on the visual landscape whereas the Bikepath Country signs are beautiful and blend into the natural surroundings.


Putnam County Executive Maryellen Odell is interested in seeing how these ideas can work on our trails, and a presentation has been planned in conjunction with the Putnam County, Brewster, and Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chambers of Commerce and the Putnam Visitors Bureau.  Come to the Putnam County Golf Course on Monday June 17, 2013 from 6-9PM to explore exclusive and unique sponsorship opportunities and enjoy complimentary food and beverages

Aimee Cunningham Owner of the Terrace Club restaurant in Mahopac says “The signs are to support the local business community and some of the money goes to the up-keep of the bike trails and restoration for our people in the community who use the bike trails. It’s a “win-win” for local businesses who want to advertise, encourage people to shop “local” and for users of the bike trails who will appreciate the maintenance of the trails, b/c there are not being maintained now. I can’t wait to put up a Terrace Club sign to advertise for my business and know that I was responsible for a trail I use recreationally.” I personally could not agree more.

Ivan Bellotto and Richie O’Keefe are just two of the Company’s founders who reign here from Putnam County, both extremely excited for the launch and are confident it will be a big hit!


To RSVP call 914-920-3121. Get a first shot at these signs and locations and special discounts This promises to be a great event, helping shape yet another benefit for our local community .I even encourage the naysayers to attend and really get to know the product.


-Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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