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It’s Time For Less Talk And More Action On Business Concerns

Prior to the recent Trailblazer Alumni Networking event on Thursday, February 25, County Executive MaryEllen Odell and I were collaborating on new business strategies while she was teeing up her State of the County Speech which will be held on March 10th, at the Putnam County Golf Course. She plans to announce that this year’s focus will be on business development, allocating resources properly to foster the best possible environment for economic growth throughout Putnam County.   Implementation of her vision will involve collaborative effort on the part of various agencies and organizations.

“It’s time to put all the stakeholders to the challenge of making sure that infrastructure projects become a priority for our towns and villages,” says Odell.   “It also means creating stronger relationships with the East of Hudson Corporation, who has identified where projects that fall under the Clean Water guidelines, and who can help facilitate and help fund some of our sewer and water projects that are critical for economic growth that safe for the environment.” The county executive clearly feels that getting everyone together will stop the finger-pointing and potential isolation that often plagues efforts such as this, where built-in bureaucracy preserves the status quo at the expense of getting anything done in terms of actual progress.

MaryEllen was unable to make the Trailblazer event due to travel delays, but sent the above message to be shared with attendees. It was the perfect forum, since the honorees for the evening included the business leaders who have been recognized during the Chambers’ 6 year existence. There were over 130 people in attendance who all share the same vision for Putnam County’s business climate.

At the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, we strongly feel that our mission this year is to partner with the county to gather the EDC, IDA, Tourism and all other economic development partners together to develop an immediate, actionable plan to attract businesses that support the existing commerce and our Main Street communities. Essentially, that means no more economic development in “low gear” – it’s time to upshift!

For more information please visit or call President/CEO Bill Nulk at (845) 228-8595.

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce


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