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Fireball Run – A Call To Action For Putnam


Fireball Run is coming to Putnam County September 30/Oct 1, and this is our chance to mobilize as a community to make a difference for our area’s future and let the world know that we are much more than a backwater, bedroom community.

Courier readers know about the great reasons to live here, because we all do.   But to most of the world we fall into that great obscurity known as “flyover country”.   To change this, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce and the Putnam Tourism Bureau in conjunction with local chambers and municipalities have teamed up to bring an international film production to our area. Putnam will have a team among the 40 teams which participate, some on an annual basis. This is the 10th season for the show and it will film 13 out of 26 episodes in New York State, so we are in good company. Every second of air time makes a difference in sharing visions of our communities with Fireball Run’s worldwide audience.

People often wonder why Putnam hasn’t been successful in the past at attracting films, bringing more attention to our County and attracting more tourists to shop in our stores and eat in our restaurants.   This is why it’s important to ensure that the one show that is coming here makes as big an impact as possible. Residents and business owners can do that by coming out on September 29/30 to cheer on the Fireballers, and/or buy tickets to the VIP reception to be held on Lake Mahopac the evening of the 29th. Your participation will also aid in the fight to locate America’s missing children, of which Fireball Run has helped find 48 in their 9 year history.

– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce

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