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Explore “Your” Putnam County This Summer

As Putnam residents and business owners, we love our county, and so it’s natural we want to share its considerable virtues with anyone who will listen. And at the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce, we strive to get the word out about all the opportunities to visit interesting sites and patronize local, family owned businesses throughout our county.

This is “your” Putnam County. So many of us drive directly from one activity to another and don’t take time to see the beauty and history that is all around us.  Perhaps it’s time to slow down and enjoy the neighborhood a bit more. Park and walk through the hamlets and villages and see the variety of shops and businesses – some have been here for generations.  Take a look at all the historical markers that we drive by every day – ever wonder what they say? Perhaps now’s the time to stop (safely) somewhere and go take a look.   Perhaps take a ride on one of our new-look buses (it’s only a couple of bucks) and look out the windows as you cruise along.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “tour guide” for Putnam?   You can be. Visit the places you would take your out-of-town friends to see so that you’ll know how to describe the interesting things about them.  Stop at a local café or restaurant for lunch or dinner or just a snack, because there is some mighty fine dining in Putnam at every hour of the day, and in every community.

Putnam County is in many ways the best kept secret in the Lower Hudson Valley. With tourism being one of our best potential economic stimuli, what better way to make it work than to have all of our residents become knowledgeable about the area while enjoying a summer of exploration? Then, please share that knowledge with friends!

 – Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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