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Annual Elected Officials Forum Shows Effectiveness Of Business Advocacy

Elected officials and business leaders have once again met in a non-partisan atmosphere of communication and collaboration to help shape the future of Putnam County’s business community and enhance the quality of life for all of us who make our home here. The need to bring more businesses into Putnam County is always a major part of these discussions. The conversation centered around the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce’s legislative agenda and also the issues and potentials regarding economic growth and the business climate individually and collectively. Representatives from the offices of Senators Serino and Murphy, and Assemblyman Katz’s office, Sandy Galef, Under Sheriff Peter Convery, County executive MaryEllen Odell and several of our County Legislators were in attendance, as well as officials from the towns of Patterson, Southeast, Carmel, Kent and Putnam Valley and the Village of Brewster. This strong showing of community leaders makes it possible to share ideas on a sizable scale that includes all of Putnam County’s business interests, and to explore ideas that will be most effective in moving the county forward.
Building the future of Putnam County is a team effort. We need to look at the opportunities together and develop those ideas which are most likely to succeed in bringing solid businesses to the area, providing jobs and so-called rate-ables to our economy. We have the talent, the history and the raw materials to prosper,working together we will lead our communities into an even brighter future. The identification of properties that could be developed/re-purposed into viable homes for commercial establishments, recreation, arts and culture needs to be pursued aggressively. Vacant commercial spaces need to be a priority! Each town should take a proactive stance in looking at such opportunities to attract the right mix of businesses, cultural organizations and recreational establishments.
The Putnam County Chambers of Commerce is the voice of business throughout the various towns and villages of our county. Together with the participating local chambers of commerce we can make so much happen for good. So please consider getting involved! For more information contact President/CEO Bill Nulk at (845) 228-8595 or
– Jennifer Maher, Chairwoman, the Putnam County Chambers of Commerce

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